band of horses

July 1, 2008


facial hair

So, I’m like the last dude to find out about these guys, but they’re freaking great. I hear a ton of influences, or unconscious reminders other bands: early Neil Young, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Jeff Buckley’s backup band, Interpol’s song structure, The Shins, amorphous “Southern Rock”, Poor Old Lu, Sunny Day Real Estate….

I like that the songs are unpredictable, the lyrics are interesting, and singer Ben Bridwell does cool stuff with his voice and his singing tempo. They don’t seem to be a parody of anything, although they remind me of tons of stuff I like in other bands. Something is oddly familiar about their sound, even though I’m hearing a lot of songs for the first time. I definitely want to keep up with them.


One Response to “band of horses”

  1. Jeff said

    Yeah, bro. Finally on the bandwagon of horses. They’re fantastic and Ben Bridwell just seems like a really great guy, so humble. I really enjoyed watching them play her in PDX. Their latest album sounds like their getting more in touch with their roots back east. They moved back there from Seattle to return home and be with family. They’re my favorite after Radiohead for sure.

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