April 20, 2008

Idolatry is the practice of ascribing absolute value to things of relative worth. Under certain circumstances money, patriotism, sexual freedom, moral principles, family loyalty, physical health, social or intellectual preeminence, and so on are fine things to have around, but to make them the standard by which all other values are measured, to make them your masters, to look to them to justify your life and save your soul is sheerest folly.Frederick Buechner
Wishful Thinking


“Concepts create idols, only wonder understands anything.” — Gregory of Nyssa

Praise Him

As for idols, they are impotent. Not
one can see or speak or feel

a neighbor’s ache—her dog dead
and child missing below the levee. I read

headlines and feel more
than all the idols that there ever were.

Even the idol that is our idea
of God is impotent—B is not A—

yet God does what he pleases,
the earth what is true to its nature.

We build cities and pay scant attention
to either, then cry foul when the dam breaks.

Idols cannot save, nor theologies.
Only God, and that is no great comfort.

–Brad Davis


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