christian sexuality is f-d up

March 23, 2008

Christian Sexuality Article

Really enlightening article about how Christians have a warped view of sexuality, basically the inverse of our permissive culture’s viewpoint. We’ve bought into the lie that our identity is tied up within our sexuality.

We really don’t know what to do with single people and homosexuals. It’s a shame. I think the early church had a high view of celibate people, and they were heroes of the faith. Now, you’re supposed to be temporarily celibate, at least until you get married. Whatever happened to Christian leaders being celibate? Why is it that Protestant pastors all have to be married? Wouldn’t the apostle Paul have a problem with this phenomenon?

What about homosexuals? We’ve bought into our culture’s definition of a person by her or his sexuality, and we’ve made that an essential point of whether or not you enter God’s kingdom. Sure, it’s a complex issue, but haven’t we oversimplified heterosexuality, too?

Proposal that I’m sure is very un-PC, but it’s my best shot at the moment:

1. Let’s elevate the status of single and celibate people in our churches and acknowledge them as the full Christ-bearers that they are.

2. Let’s de-anathematize homosexuality and accept the fact that it is a huge struggle for many people, and not necessarily a black-and-white sin issue. Is every heterosexual 100% straight? Is every homosexual 100% gay?

3. Distinguish between homosexuality as an orientation and “acting out”, and have grace for both. Straight people are really schizophrenic about condemning homosexual behavior, but accepting of the fact that pornography, gluttony, envy, anger, etc. are “a struggle”

I don’t know if there are any answers there, but I gave it a shot…….

Here’s a better attempt:

Christian Sexuality Article


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